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HEY THERE, new friend.

I'm Shelly Jacobs, an Internationally board-certified Lactation Consultant who's here to support your breastfeeding journey.

I'm a mom of two from southern California with an unstoppable mission to help every mom find answers in their breastfeeding journey.

After having my daughter, my world flipped upside down. As a new mom, there is absolutely nothing that can prepare you for just how wild of a ride motherhood can be.  This new, beautiful baby, this new love of your life is perfect in every way, but why are my nipples bleeding?! Is my baby getting enough milk??

It can be a struggle to find answers online and the amount of information is overwhelming.  I am forever grateful for my mother-in-law, Dr. Jane Morton, who is an expert in the field of human lactation. She taught me everything i know and was by my side through the ups, downs and questions that came with breastfeeding a new baby.

My passion was sparked when I experienced complications with breastfeeding my daughter, and struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety.

After that experience knew I wanted to help new moms during this vulnerable and transformative time.

You should be spending your time connecting with your new baby, getting much needed rest and recovery in between feeds...not Googling for answers to why your supply is low or scouring Instagram rabbit holes for some sort of help around your baby's feeding issues!

I'm here to give you those answers and that peace of mind.

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I earned my BA from the University of Wisconsin Madison, where I was also born and raised.

I began my professional career in Chicago, where I started a successful business in the fashion industry, eventually moving to Los Angeles to work as a visual merchandiser. I went on to receive my lactation certification from UCSD, and clinical training under Jane Morton, MD. 

A little bit of my background...

My passion was sparked when I experienced complications with breastfeeding my daughter, and struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety. I came out of the experience with the hope and intention to help other mothers. I now look at that time as a blessing, because it led me here. After the breakdown, comes a break through! 

My mother in law, Dr. Jane Morton, an internationally recognized expert in the field of human lactation, has dedicated her life’s work to helping mothers breastfeed. We began to collaborate, creating pathways for expectant and new mothers to protect their own breastfeeding experience and reduce the risk of complications, by focusing attention on the first hours after birth. Our educational website is shared around the world to help new mothers.

I've been there too.

I live in Southern California with my husband and two children, my 8 year old daughter and 4 year old son. They keep life full and magical! I am sometimes in disbelief that I found such a fulfilling path where I get to connect with and help mamas everyday. Grateful is an understatement!

Mom of 2 fun kiddos

Southern california is where I call home

learn Prenatally

Before your Baby Arrives

Breastfeeding can go much smoother when you know the basics before delivery. I'll teach you all the tricks around positioning + hand expression so you can prevent common problems and spend more time connecting with baby in those first days and hours. 

learn more

cannot wait to meet you and your baby!

Do You Take Insurance?

With coverage through Lactation Network, there is a one-time initial fee of $100 and then up to 6 visits are fully covered.

Without insurance coverage, my virtual and office visits are $175 and I provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance for out of network. 

apply for coverage

I work with an incredible company called Lactation Network, and they accept the following insurance plans:

Blue Shield PPO, Blue Cross PPO,
Anthem PPO, Cigna PPO, 
United Healthcare, VA CCN
Most plans utilizing Multiplan and PNOA.  

why i do what i do.

I can help because I’ve been there and no mom should have to worry through their feeding journey.

breastfeeding just got a whole lot easier.

Breastfeed Whenever and Where Ever.

If you're like many breastfeeding mamas, you often feel tied down and left out. And admitting you feel that way doesn't make you a bad mom–feeding around the clock makes it tough to do anything or go anywhere!

Check it out here!

My whole career is built around something I wish I knew when I was a first time mom. The amount of tears and struggle it would have saved me would've given me so much life back and time with my baby. The thing is, these tips work and I've got some really great free blogs for you to binge and try out first.

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The Binge-Worthy Blog.

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I've been there. Find out my best breastfeeding tips, resources and advice...Plus, I share a few of my all time favorite baby products, postpartum fashion, and so much more! You're gonna love it.

motherhood is hard...i got you.

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